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Twelve for dinner: The Milky Approach’s feeding habits shine a light-weight on darkish matter

Astronomers are one step nearer to revealing the properties of darkish matter enveloping our Milky Approach galaxy, because of a brand new map of twelve streams of stars orbiting inside our galactic halo.

Understanding these star streams is essential for astronomers. In addition to revealing the darkish matter that holds the celebs of their orbits, additionally they inform us concerning the formation historical past of the Milky Approach, revealing that the Milky Approach has steadily grown over billions of years by shredding and consuming smaller stellar programs.

“We’re seeing these streams being disrupted by the Milky Approach’s gravitational pull, and ultimately changing into a part of the Milky Approach. This research offers us a snapshot of the Milky Approach’s feeding habits, comparable to what sorts of smaller stellar programs it ‘eats’. As our galaxy is getting older, it’s getting fatter,” mentioned College of Toronto Professor Ting Li, the lead writer of the paper.

Prof. Li and her worldwide group of collaborators initiated a devoted program — the Southern Stellar Stream Spectroscopic Survey (S5) — to measure the properties of stellar streams: the shredded stays of neighboring small galaxies and star clusters which might be being torn aside by our personal Milky Approach.

Li and her group are the primary group of scientists to check such a wealthy assortment of stellar streams, measuring the speeds of stars utilizing the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT), a 4-meter optical telescope in Australia. Li and her group used the Doppler shift of sunshine — the identical property utilized by radar weapons to catch dashing drivers — to learn how quick particular person stars are transferring.

Not like earlier research which have targeted on one stream at a time, “S5 is devoted to measuring as many streams as doable, which we will do very effectively with the distinctive capabilities of the AAT,” feedback co-author Professor Daniel Zucker of Macquarie College.

The properties of stellar streams reveal the presence of the invisible darkish matter of the Milky Approach. “Consider a Christmas tree,” says co-author Professor Geraint F. Lewis of the College of Sydney. “On a darkish night time, we see the Christmas lights, however not the tree they’re wrapped round. However the form of the lights reveals the form of the tree,” he mentioned. “It’s the similar with stellar streams — their orbits reveal the darkish matter.”

In addition to measuring their speeds, the astronomers can use these observations to work out the chemical compositions of the celebs, telling us the place they have been born. “Stellar streams can come both from disrupting galaxies or star clusters,” says Professor Alex Ji on the College of Chicago, a co-author on the research. “These two varieties of streams present completely different insights into the character of darkish matter.”

In line with Prof. Li, these new observations are important for figuring out how our Milky Approach arose from the featureless universe after the Huge Bang. “For me, this is likely one of the most intriguing questions, a query about our final origins,” Li mentioned. “It’s the purpose why we based S5 and constructed a global collaboration to handle this.”

An important ingredient for the success of S5 have been observations from the European Gaia area mission. “Gaia supplied us with beautiful measurements of positions and motions of stars, important for figuring out members of the stellar streams,” says Dr. Sergey Koposov, reader in observational astronomy within the College of Edinburgh and a co-author of the research.

Li’s group plans to provide extra measurements on stellar streams within the Milky Approach. Within the meantime, she is happy with these outcomes as a place to begin. “Over the following decade, there shall be a number of devoted research stellar streams,” Li says. “We’re trail-blazers and pathfinders on this journey. It will be very thrilling!”

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